Friday, March 9, 2012


Again, I would like to thank everyone who helped out this year at our table.  Medtronic's assistance was invalueable.  Very much appreciated.  We reached over 600 kids, parents & educators at this year's event.  The reusable bags, caps, squishy brains, etc. were all very popular, as always.

I would also like to thank Dr. Eric Chudler for his tireless efforts he puts forth every year, for the last 15 yrs, to put on an excellent event that engages the interest of kids, parents & teachers.  BAW provides groups, like ours, with a great forum to reach out to folks who may not have any experience or knowledge of hydrocephalus.  Thanks again.

I would also like to thank MOHAI for their generosity & support with providing BAW with a venue to put on such an event.

I am hoping to post some photographs from this year's event soon.

Looking forward to next year's event!!  It will be #16 for us.  Wow, it doesn't seem that long.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brain Awareness 2012--March 8, 2012

Can't believe that we are less than 24 hours from this year's BAW event!!  Looks like we will have lots of people at our booth to speak with the estimated 600+ kids we'll be seeing.  Looking forward to this year's event.

We are going to be having at least two door prizes to give away this year.  Two books by Sherman Alexie.  A third book, a memory strengthening book of questions, is also available for a door prize, but not sure we'll include it.

As a group, we love doing the BAW event every year.  Personally, I love the whole process of coming up with ideas for our booth every year & pulling it all together, with the help of our members.  Last year we had a rep from Medtronic (the shunt manufacturer) that went over quite well with the kids, parents & teachers.  We will be having them at our booth again this year, hopefully with the same results.

This will be our second year having BAW at the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI), located in the Montlake area of Seattle.  It is a wonderful location, right next to Lake Washington.

I want to thank, in advance, our members & others who are coming to help at our booth who are coming from outside of the Seattle area.  It is always great to see you at this event & at our monthly meetings.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post some photos from the event.