Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brain Awareness Event On March 1st!

Hard to believe that the annual Brain Awareness Event is next Tuesday!  How time flies.  We should have lots of information available for the kids attending, as well as the teachers and parents.  There is always stuff that doesn't happen as you want it to, but things are looking good.  Checking off everything from the list to make sure we don't get caught short.

The packages of 'stuff' for our booth have been coming in the mail pretty regularly.  It is like Christmas in February.  None of the packages are being opened until we get to the event, so I keep looking, longingly, w/great anticipation, at every unopened box.  Tuesday is so close now!

Already thinking of next year's event!  What can we do to improve on this year's event.  Hopefully members who can't attend this year's event will be able to come next year.  They will certainly be missed this year.


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