Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Meeting & BAW Update

February's meeting was great!  We had a couple of new people, from out of the country, visiting the Seattle area attend.  It was great seeing them.  Hope to have them visit again in the future.

Sorry about January's meeting being cancelled, but the weather was a huge problem.  Couldn't figure out how to navigate the hills with so many being impassable.  Thankfully, all traces of snow & ice are long gone!

Preparing for the Brain Awareness Open House at MOHAI (the Lake Washington facility, they haven't moved to South Lake Union, yet).  The event is open to grades 4 through 12, pre-registered.  Last notice we had from the organizers is that there will be 600 kids attending.

We will have two tables and quite a large number of participants to talk to the kids, teachers & parents about hydrocephalus & living with the condition.  We will also have shunt reps from Medtronic available to talk to them & show them about shunts and explaining how they work.

For the first time we are going to have a couple of giveaways/door prizes.  It will most likely be books by Sherman Alexie, a popular author for the middle school & high school kids, as well as adults.  Sherman has also lived with hydrocephalus throughout his life, writing about his experiences growing up on the reservation & living with hydrocephalus.  We would love to have him participate in the event, but he isn't available.

I'm still hoping to have my camera fixed by March 7th, so I can take some pictures to post here.

Really looking forward to a busy March!

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  1. A late thank you to everyone for your warm welcome. Liam (now 18 mos) and I have returned to Shanghai. His surgery at the end of February to reposition the catheter in the brain ventricle turned out to be very successful. The surgeon replaced the valve as well which as it turns out was malfunctioning. Whew! Liam is doing fabulous and recovering fine. All the best. Hope to see you all again.