Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brain Injury--Adults

We've been seeing and hearing quite a bit in the local Seattle press lately about adults with head injuries.  Specifically, James Foster, a young man from Puyallup who was beaten after complimenting a man on his car.  The brain damage is apparently permanent, although no reports specifically say anything one way or the other about hydrocephalus.  We would like to extend our moral support to the Foster family and let them know that if they would like to come to our meeting (June 16th is our next meeting, from 12:45 pm to 3:00 pm at Swedish Hospital's Cherry Hill Campus, 17th & Jefferson, in the Casey Room), they are more than welcome.

We've also been hearing the latest in the story of Christopher Harris, who was slammed against a wall a couple of years ago, by a Sheriff's deputy.  Like Mr. Foster, Mr. Harris' life was forever changed because of his head injury.  Not only were these men's lives changed, so were those of their families and friends.  These were preventable injuries, recieved through no fault of their own, except being someone else's victim.

These are just two cases getting attention right now.  Again, families, friends & caregivers are welcome to attend our meetings, although we do specifically talk about living with hydrocephalus.

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