Saturday, August 18, 2012


This was a wonderfully productive meeting!  We discussed Hydrocephalus Awareness Month (Sept) & how to promote it & the group.  We brainstormed some ideas.  Unfortunately, the state of Washington doesn't do anything to promote Hydrocephalus Awareness Month, or hydrocephalus in general.  I tried generating some interest in it several months ago, hoping for a more supportive response.  Disappointing, but only proves that there is a need for more public awareness!

We also discussed aspects of shunts--in terms of pain, itching & post-surgical responses we've had.  Very interesting.

We also discussed Kathi Goertzen's passing & her courageous fight against her agressive (benign) tumors for the last 14 years.  Our group's thoughts & prayers go out to her & her family.  Her public memorial will be August 19th at 1 pm, at Fisher Pavillion near the Seattle Center.  Specifics can be found at KOMO TV's website.

Along the same lines, we talked about how some tumors can cause hydrocephalus.

We also discussed different types of seizures some of us have.

Again, it was a very interesting, productive meeting.  We look forward to the Sept. meeting!

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