Wednesday, May 8, 2013

REMINDER: May Meeting on May 18th


This month's meeting will be May 18th from 12:45 pm to 3:00 pm in the Casey Room at Swedish Hospital's Cherry Hill Campus.  As always we welcome drop ins and anyone interested in the condition of hydrocephalus.  We also welcome children, as well as adults and those, of any age, living with hydrocephalus.
We look forward to seeing everyone!

The April meeting was very good.  As always, we had some lively discussions about aspects of living with hydrocephalus and caught up with everyone who attended.  We missed those who couldn't attend.  Maybe this month...

Unfortunately, my car was broken into during the meeting.  No one was hurt, just some minor (replaceable) items were taken.  The thieves even locked the car back up when they left!  This has never happened before and the car was parked in the parking garage!  Hoping it won't happen again.

I've changed my contact email, from to  Too many 'issues' in getting my hotmail account back, for the second time this year.  So I can be reached either by either account ( or 

Locally, one of the tv stations aired a piece about a Swedish study on elderly adults and falls.  They talked about the increase in traumatic brain injury (TBI) to seniors who fall.  Very interesting study.

Hope to see everyone on the 18th!

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