Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Meeting Update

The October meeting was very productive.  We had a conference call with a member who was out of state, which was great.  We discussed several topics.

I am still trying to get more literature and 'stuff' for our booth/display at the UW's Brain Awareness Open House event, tentatively scheduled for early March, 2014.  I want to include information on concussions and brain injury.  Still waiting for literature from HA.

We are going to be making informational packets to some of the first responders in the area, since many aren't aware of acquired hydrocephalus.  I'd also like to see us work with some other groups to create an informational resource/event that would be an educational effort.  As always, we are open to anyone who wants to find out about, or ask questions about hydrocephalus.  Generally, so many don't know about any area of hydrocephalus other than congenital or newborn brain bleed cases, or what it means to LIVE with hydrocephalus.

We also talked about the current focus on concussions & CTE.  There is so much more to find out in the coming years with this and how it impacts kids of today when they become older.  They may not see the results of concussions/closed head injury until their 40's or 50's, which most kids aren't thinking about.  It would also be interesting to see just how acquired hydrocephalus could play a part in some cases.  It isn't just about the encephalopathy (sp)--CTE--it is about countless other aspects not being talked about, like brain bruising and swelling of the brain after being knocked around into the sharp bone of the inner skull.

The brain IS precious cargo.

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