Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Brain Awareness 2014 Event

Hard to believe that the UW's Brain Awareness (BAW) Open House event is just a week away!  We will be having a booth there with lots of information and 'stuff' relating to hydrocephalus--including members of our group.  We are looking forward to talking with parents, teachers and Western Washington students (grades 4-12).  It is our big, annual outreach event that we always look forward to doing.
I just got a huge box from Medtronic and a package from the National Hydrocphalus Foundation (NHF).  Thanks in advance to Leanne, Carli & Dave at Medtronic for their assistance.  Medtronic has been part of our booth in years past, unfortunately, they won't have a rep there this year, but looking forward to 2015 already!  Thanks, in advance, too to Debbi Fields at NHF for sending back issues of the newsletter & the pamphlets.  Thanks, also, to Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) for their literature to include in our exhibit.

Still lots of work left to do, although I'm already getting things started for next year.  I'm hoping that our 'surprise' will come through for this year's booth.  If not, we'll plan on it for 2015.  I'm hoping that we'll also have pictures from the event to post here.
We're looking for corporate sponsorship to make some ideas for 2015's event happen.  If anyone knows of any companies or individuals with an interest in brain issues, generally and hydrocephalus, specifically, please email me & let us know.  As always, I do encourage those with an interest to also attend one of our monthly meetings.  Drop ins & kids are welcome.  We welcome anyone with an interest in brain issues and hydrocephalus.
We will be spending part of the March meeting reviewing the open house event, but otherwise, we have open discussions.

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