Monday, March 17, 2014

March Meeting

As always, it was great seeing familiar faces at the meeting.  Also always look forward to new faces at each meeting.
We reviewed how the Brain Awareness open house event went.  While there were a few less kids, parents and teachers there this year, we all agreed that it was very successful.  As I've said before, we did miss the regulars that were unable to attend this year's event.  We are already looking forward to next year!
We  talked a bit about other issues, like CTE.  It seems that there is something new discovered about CTE almost daily!   It was great having some hand out materials from the Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) at our table this year.  The hand out materials were taken by almost everyone--especially parents and teachers.  There were a few coaches in attendance, so we had a tie-in with the CTE issue.
The Sunday Seattle Times (March 16th) had a very compelling article about a former Seahawk who was found to have died from complications from CTE.  I'm hoping to be able to reprint the article or at least have a link in the future.
One of the tv stations, locally, also did an interview with a former Olympic soccer player who had to leave the sport because of complications from her one and only concussion.  She still has complications years later!
Looking forward to April's meeting.  2014 is going by so fast!

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