Monday, October 27, 2014


The October meeting was small, although we did have a conference call during the meeting with a member who wasn't able to attend in person.  Overall the meeting was a good one.  Caught up on everyone's life since the September meeting.  Everyone is doing well.

I will be posting the 2015 meeting schedule shortly.  Thanks to Jennifer, at Swedish (Cherry Hill campus), we have our schedule already!

Again, a deeply felt thanks to the Great Wheel for showing their support of September's National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month by lighting up the wheel on September 29th.  As well as mentioning both the Hydrocephalus Support Group, Inc. & The Hydrocephalus Association on their Facebook page.

I had thought about bringing the Hydrocephalus Doll with me to this month's meeting, but decided not to.  May bring it to November's meeting.

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