Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Meeting

The April meeting was very productive.  It was great having one of our out of state members being part of a conference call for part of the meeting.  Always a lot of great discussion and input.

I brought the hydrocephalus doll along so Kim & her mother could take it to a health fair today in the Lacey/Olympia area.  As always, there were a few second looks & a comment or two.  One said that it was a cute baby!  Another double take was from one of the neuro staff.  Fingers crossed that the health fair goes well.

At least I'm not alone in taking issue with the Durst letter and comment about having "full blown hydrocephalus".  In some of the footage I saw of him, it is quite possible he has NPH, but that has no bearing on his mental health as it relates to the possibility of him being a murderer and using it as part of some 'insanity' defense.  We all agreed that the implication is a very negative one that needs to be cleared up.

We talked a bit about issues with doctors, GPs as well as specialists.  A common topic for us.

I brought up a speaker I saw last Friday.  My mother & I went to a lecture at one of the Assisted Living facilities in town.  The speaker was a neurologist who specializes in tremors.  The lecture was quite interesting.  It would be great if we could find a way to have him speak at a meeting or at a symposium sometime.  The other nice thing was seeing how educated many of the attendees were on brain health!

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