Sunday, February 17, 2013


 This month's meeting was our last before March 5th's Brain Awareness Open House Event.  We are still getting 'stuff' together for the exhibit, including searching for a tv/dvd combo unit (small) so we can show a couple of dvds.

I'm still hoping to get some donated items from KING5, our local NBC affiliate.  They have donated things, like reusable bags, in the past.  The reusable bags were a big hit with the kids at the event.

We are looking forward to having Medtronic being a part of the exhibit again this year too.  Another aspect of our exhibit that has gone over well with the kids, as well as parents and teachers.

As always, I'm hoping for more than we get for each year's exhibit.  Some day I would love to have some neuro researchers with a focus on hydrocephalus at our booth.  I'd also like to have a 'wall' of brain scans to show kids how every one is unique.  While I found some online, I'm not sure how good the quality of them would be after being reproduced.

I'm also hoping to get a new charger for my camera and be able to post pictures from BAW.

At the February meeting we had a new person join us, which was great.  We got to hear his story and he got to hear our's.  Hope to see him at future meetings!

I was sorry to hear that Dr. Ben Carson, neurosurgeon, will be retiring later this year.  He is one of the country's premiere pediatric neurosurgeons.  He spoke at last week's Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC.  He was also on ABC's This Week.

Looking forward to the March meeting where we will be discussing BAW.

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