Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brain Awareness Exhibit


The 2013 Brain Awareness (BAW) Open House is coming up on Tuesday, the 5th of March!  Can't believe it is coming up so soon.

I picked up some of the giveaway items, so kindly donated by KING5 Television, for our exhibit.  One of our topics this year is about how weather (specifically the barometric pressure) impacts those of us with shunts.  It ties is with the weather dvd that KING5 donated.  Their donations are always welcome additions to our table(s) at the event.

We still have some giveaway items from last year and are expecting some items from other sources in the coming days.  We'll have lots of 'stuff', which is always great.

We will be seeing several hundred kids from Washington state schools--everything from private and home schooled kids to public school students.  In addition, we will be seeing lots of parents and teachers.

I'm already brainstorming for next year's exhibit.  Hard to believe that we've been part of BAW for over 12 years.  How time flies!  Lots of surprises, hopefully. 

I'm hoping to be able to post pictures from this year's event on the blog shortly after returning from the event.

Yesterday I found a number of periodical articles on hydro that were published in February, 2013.  I just skimmed them, since I was at the library and running out of time on the library computer.  I'd love to include some of the articles and information in our BAW exhibit.

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