Friday, March 8, 2013

 Tuesday, March 5th was the 2013 Brain Awareness Open House, sponsored by the University of Washington.  This was our 15th year as an exhibitor at this event and we got to meet with 600-700 students from Western Washington from grade school to high school.  As always, it was great meeting the kids, parents and teachers that came.

Kim Andersen, Frank Cook, Diana Pozzi and Kim's mother, Bobbie Andersen manned our booth.  We were fortunate to have Medtronic's shunt rep Dave Schinkel also attend.  He brought some great visual aids and a dvd of a shunt surgery that the kids got to watch.

It is always great to have the opportunity to answer questions and address myths and misunderstandings about hydrocephalus.  It is also nice to be able to let people see that we live full, productive lives with the condition of hydrocephalus.

We're already in the process of making plans for the 2014 event!

It was interesting to hear a teacher ask if we go to schools and make presentations, which we would love to do!  We have members who could make a presentation to students and classes, particularly in the Puget Sound area.  Our group has members throughout Puget Sound--from Olympia to Port Angeles.

As always, we encourage those interested in hydrocephalus to attend one of our monthly meetings.  We meet on the third Saturday of each month, in the Casey Room, from 12:45 pm to 3:00 pm.  The March meeting will be on March 16th.

Student & Bobbe Andersen
Frank Cook

Bobbe, Dave (Medtronic Rep), Kim, Frank & Diana

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