Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 2013 Meeting


We reviewed the 2013 UW Brain Awareness Open House event and all agreed that it was one of our most successful to date.  Already planning for 2014, which will be our 16th year as an exhibitor at the event.  Hard to believe how fast the time has gone.

Wanted to thank Dr. Eric Chudler for organizing the event and for providing the pictures posted in the last blog post.  I am looking forward to getting more from someone else.  Also wanted to thank Bobbe & Dean Andersen for coming up for the event from Olympia.  It is always great having them being a part of the meeting and events.

Also wanted to thank Dave, from Medtronic, for coming again.  It is always nice having Medtronic at our table, showing the kids, parents and teachers how a shunt works and how they've evolved.  This year he also brought a video that was popular with the kids.

Getting to this month's meeting was a real challenge, with all the detours due to road work and the growing chaos from sporting event fans in Pioneer Square.  I do want to appologize, again, for being late to the meeting.  All I can say is that getting TO the meeting was a piece of cake compared to getting home!

We did speak with a teacher or two who asked if we do speaking engagements at schools.  We would LOVE to do them, but we rarely get asked.  The more people who know about hydrocephalus the better, especially prevention.

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