Saturday, July 5, 2014

Here We Go Again!

Let me begin by saying that I appreciate the dangers and challenges of the job(s) of first responders.  I understand that they are in a high stress job with lots of variables and that every situation presented to them has challenges, but that IS the job.

Just saw the video of the CHP officer using a citizen's head as a punching bag.  This seems to be the go-to place for officers to target, with little or no regard for the potential damage they can inflict.  Most probably don't even KNOW that they can be inflicting trauma to the brain that can cause many injuries, hydrocephalus being one of the many.  The victim isn't always capable of self-diagnosis in these situations.  Someone with no history of hydrocephalus wouldn't have the words to convey to a doctor anyway.

Apparently, this particular victim WAS taken to hospital and evaluated, medically and mentally.  I know of a couple local incidents where that wasn't the case.  In one instance the same officers who did the kicking about the head also thought he could "walk it off" and let him go home after declining medical assistance.  The police department rep I spoke with was obviously shocked when I told him that the victim could have had a brain bleed and been unaware of it, which could have led to brain damage or death.  He could have gone home, crawled into bed and never awoke the next morning.

I don't particularly care why the officer felt that this was necessary.  The point is, the risk is there and it is too great to justify in ANY situation I've seen documented.  The potential damage isn't the same as a bruised ego or a sprained ankle.

I also realize that most people aren't aware that hydrocephalus can be acquired at any age.  It isn't 'just' a birth defect.  It can be caused by any assault on the brain--intentional or not.  It can be caused by accident, brain tumor, concussive event(s), a brain bleed or anything that alters the production or flow of the cerebral spinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.  Slamming someone's head into sidewalks, highways or a building's exterior wall all put someone else's life at risk, somehow I don't see that as being justified in any of the situations I've seen documented. None.

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