Monday, September 29, 2014

PBS: Frontline Rerunning 'A League of Denial'

Just heard that Frontline is going to be rerunning the documentary about CTE, 'A League Of Denial'.  It is an excellent piece about the growing body of information about CTE, resulting in large part from concussions during contact sports--like football.  Definitely worth seeing.  Every parent with a child even considering contact sports, at any age, should watch this piece at least once.

Unfortunately, they don't mention other issues, like acquiring hydrocephalus & what that means over the lifetime of someone who has acquired it.  As we always say, every case is unique, but life without it doesn't have nearly the challenges over a lifetime.

This documentary can really open up a vital discussion about head injury in general & how it relates to contact sports specifically.  They also discuss the false sense of security provided by helments & touch on the risks for those who DON'T use helmets--like cheerleaders & soccer players.  Sad to say, one of the shortcomings is that they do talk about the 'right way' to head a ball, which is also simply wrong.  It was long ago proven that heading a ball, especially without a helmet, DOES cause frontal lobe damage.

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