Friday, March 20, 2015

NPH On Grey's!

Yeah!!  It was great seeing Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) in a story on Grey's Anatomy last night.  It wasn't the major storyline, but they did a good job with it.  It would have been more interesting, IMO, if they would have also shown/discussed the programmable shunt--rather than just saying 'shunt'.  But we can't have everything--in one episode.

I've been wishing that Shonda Rhimes would use the platform of the show to bring awareness to hydrocephalus, which she has.  Derek & Merideth's oldest daughter has hydrocephalus.  I love that they show her, when they do, as being a regular kid.  They don't depict her as being miserable or 'suffering'.

Looking forward to Saturday!

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