Monday, March 2, 2015

The Final Countdown To 2015 Brain Awareness Open House!

Can't believe that we are almost there already!  I have the Hydro Doll packed up and ready to go.  Wish I had a stroller and wardrobe for it, but it will work with the scrubs.  Wonder how many people will mistake it for a real baby.

I always want more 'stuff' for the kids to see and take with them.  I'm already planning for 2016.

I do want to thank everyone who will be helping out at the booth this year, in advance.  Your help is so very appreciated.  It will be great to see everyone again.

I just can't believe that this is our 20th year doing this.  Seems like only yesterday we were getting ready for our first one.

Hoping to get photos to post here this year.  Can't wait till I get a good camera and can take some myself to post.

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