Saturday, December 12, 2015

December Meeting/Chris Harris' Death

Next Saturday, December 19th, is our final meeting for 2015!  Hard to believe.  As usual, we will meet in the Casey Room at Swedish Hospital's Cherry Hill campus from 12:45 pm to 3:00 pm.  Drop ins and kids are welcome.

Sad to report that Chris Harris has died.  Six years ago he was mistakenly identified by a King County Sheriff's deputy as a criminal and body slammed him, head first, into the wall of a local movie theater, causing severe brain damage.  Our group's thoughts and prayers have always been with Mr. Harris and his family, just as they are with his passing.  Unfortunately, while the medical examiner has reclassified Mr. Harris' death as a homicide, the Sheriff's deputy won't be facing any charges.  He was 'retrained' and cleared about four years ago of any wrong-doing.

As I stated in an earlier post, we have submitted our application for the 2016 UW Brain Awareness Open House event, set for March.  Hopefully, there will also be representatives from the UW's helmet program, a public private partnership, that is developing a helmet that better protects the brain during football.  According to local news reports, the helmet will hopefully be available in 2016!

It also wasn't lost on me that now news reports are recognizing the dangers with cheerleading and sports, other than football, that pose a risk of head injury.  I do realize that there are lots of activities that pose a risk to acquiring hydrocephalus, through brain injury, but raising awareness of this is important.

We will have a lot to discuss this month!

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