Wednesday, December 16, 2015


PBS ran part one of Frontline's report on CTE and the history of its discovery.  It is really a great report, one that pulls no punches.  Worth seeing again (and again)!

This is definitely something to have in one's personal collection/library.  As always I would like to see the connection made between head injuries and acquired hydrocephalus.

I'm sure that this is being shown again since the movie based on Dr. Omalu's work is coming out soon.  It wasn't lost on me that Dr. Omalu did an interview on GMA around the same time.

I disagree that football is going to be killed off by the publicity/awareness.  There will always be those who don't believe that CTE is a real risk for themselves or their children--no matter what.  Just as there will always be those parents who don't believe that there is an increased risk for their 4 year olds in playing pee-wee football.  There will also be those cheerleaders, soccer players, etc. who won't believe that any of this would/could ever happen to them.

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