Sunday, May 17, 2015

May Meeting Discussion

The May meeting was interesting. We are going to be discussing more ideas for the 2015 Hydrocephalus Awareness Month in September, at the June meeting. We briefly talked about joining forces with some other groups, with brain issue interests/focus, to come up with some ideas for increasing visibility of the month. Hard to believe that September is only months away! Kim brought the Hydrocephalus Doll (Medikin) back from Olympia, along with a new wardrobe and a stroller. It is now a lot easier to take the doll from place to place. We had another double take in the elevator on the way to the meeting--someone thinking that the doll was a real baby, then realizing that it wasn't. That never gets old! I'll be looking for more clothing & 'shoes' for the doll in the coming weeks at thrift stores. The health fair Kim took the doll to was a success. We, as always, talked about possible ways to generate more interest in the meetings. It would be great to get our meeting numbers up again. I'm always encouraging people with an interest in brain issues, specifically hydrocephalus, to attend. So are the other members. We were also talking about re-introducing the summer picnic. We used to have an annual summer picnic, but for a variety of reasons, that fell by the wayside. We had donations made by some local stores and rented space in a couple of local parks. We always tried reserving a picnic shelter, so we had cooking space, picnic tables and running water. with more participation, it would be nice to bring the picnic back. I have a CT and neurosurgeon appt. scheduled for June.

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