Friday, May 22, 2015

MediKin Demo Doll (Hydrocephalus) Update

We went to Goodwill this week and I looked at shoes for the doll. I got some CUTE sneakers for it (they go well with the jeans & sweatshirt jacket). I also got a pair of pink cowboy boots (they go great with the OshKosh dress) and four pairs of Sesame Street bootie/socks. Next time I'll look for some other items. The more we do to get creative with the doll the more accessible it becomes. We were already getting double takes from people, thinking that it was a real baby. That only increases with every added item. The great thing about that is that it opens the door for conversation, which is a great thing for us! I would really like to create a social media platform for the doll and have pictures following the doll on its 'travels'. It would be great to have a couple of other dolls and follow them on 'travels' further afield than Western Washington.

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