Friday, May 1, 2015

Update To 'Here We Go Again Part 2'

While I'm glad to see attorney Mosley taking a strong stand against what happened, the nitty gritty details of what happened still haven't been revealed; they need to be. It is nice to see that someone has decided to hold those involved accountable, but it goes much further than that. What happened in Baltimore isn't an 'isolated incident' and the WHOLE problem has to be dealt with. That means including training for police and other, non-medical, first responders who often arrive before EMTs. There also needs to be a lot more education about what happens with traumatic head injury (TBI) after an accident/incident. The brain doesn't distinguish between the foot of a cop or the foot of some random person on the street. Just as it doesn't make distinction between someone on or off duty or their rank. Aiming for the head or spine areas is simply not acceptable. I still can't believe that someone couldn't tell the difference between a seizure and intentional harm to themselves. A seizure can last only seconds. If someone goes into status (having numerous seizures, one after the other) they will, at best have brain damage as a result of not having medical intervention, or they will die. Ignoring it won't make it better or improve the person's situation. As much as the officers are being held accountable, TPTB need to take a serious look at what their people know and DON'T know, then change it so that they DO have the information and can do the right thing.

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