Sunday, October 11, 2015


The feature on the local Seattle Fox News station was quite interesting.  Locally this has been an issue in the news a lot, with an increasing amount of coverage being given to the research being done at the University of Washington on the subject.  One of the research projects at the UW has evolved into a business, specifically developing a helmet to be used in sports.

The serious approach to the development and implimenation of this helmet is interesting.  But Dr. Ellenbogen and others have also always mentioned that more concussions and other TBIs are acquired through riding bicycles than through football, specifically.  But honestly, ANY activity in life can involve a TBI at some point, some more damaging than others.

I always emphasize education and prevention, because as good as any helmet may be, it isn't the whole answer.  Everyone, parent, child, young adult, adult--needs to have the information and take it seriously.  Part of the problem, in my opionion, is that if someone has no experience with TBIs or the aftermath, they aren't going to come at it with the whole picture of potential issues.  There will always be those who will disregard, or feel they have a balanced point of view,  and those who feel the risks are too much, for them or their loved ones.   It is a personal choice.

I felt that the FOX feature was interesting, thorough and worth the time.

One of the reasons for the attention to this issue locally is the recent loss of Evergreen High School Sr., Kenny Bui, after being injured in a football game.  Our group's prayers and thoughts go out to Kenny Bui's family and friends.

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